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WHY Partner For Protection?

Jewelry robberies, burglaries and thefts are a problem that touches all of us and requires a community response. We are safer together.


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LET’S TALK ABOUT crimes against JEWELers

Jewelry Crime

Throughout 2022, crimes against jewelers have escalated in the U.S. and Canada. The threat is real and it is not really a question of if, but when it will impact any one of us.

Loss of Property and Sense of Security

Jewelry crime often results in high-dollar losses and physical damage to property. It also affects the people closest to us — our families, friends, customers and staff.

Join the Movement

Partner for Protection is an industry-wide movement dedicated to building awareness and promoting collective action. It is the recognition that we are stronger together and security tomorrow depends on the actions we take today.

Crime Stats

Crime Trends by year

Partner for Protection is an industry-wide movement motivated by and committed to the safety and security of the jewelry community.

Us reported crime in the jewelry industry

Is Up 14% Year Over Year

Low Crime

High Crime

Daytime Crimes have increased

US: 18% Year Over Year

CA: 300% Year Over Year

Organized Retail Crime

Increased by 26.5% from the prior year

Daytime Crimes have increased

2021: 1,687 Year Over Year

2019: 1,438 Year Over Year

U.S. reported that crime in the jewelry industry is up 50% since 2019.

Thefts and robberies in major cities increased by around 20% in the first half of 2022.

Crimes against property constituted overwhelmingly 65% of the 8.9 million crimes reported in 2020.

*Data derived from Jewelers’ Security Alliance and Jewelers Mutual Group

Three MOST COMMON Types of crimes against jewelers

Imagine If…
Several people enter a jewelry store wearing large jackets and hoods. They immediately begin to smash showcases with sledgehammers and grab as much merchandise as they can. This crime takes the individuals involved about one minute to complete.

Doing the right thing…
The staff did not intervene and try to stop these individuals which resulted in their safety and the safety of the customers inside the store.

“Prevent becoming a victim and mitigate loss:

  • Be aware of people casing the store
  • Log all suspicious incidents in a logbook
  • Keep high-end merchandise out of showcases closest to the entrance
  • Spread high-end merchandise throughout showcases
  • Apply security film to the front and top of showcases
  • Hire a security guard to be present during business hours, especially during busy selling seasons

Imagine If…
A daring robbery crew raided a jewelry store by busting their way through the front glass door. Once inside, the criminals grabbed merchandise that was left out in the showroom in a matter of three minutes.

Doing the right thing…
Most of the merchandise was put away in a safe for the night with only a few smaller pieces left out. The alarm went off giving the criminals less time to look for merchandise before law enforcement arrived.

Prevent becoming a victim and mitigate loss

  • Install proper interior and exterior lighting to give visibility to your store. This makes any suspicious incidents more likely to be recognized.
  • Ensure surveillance systems with cameras are positioned to capture faces and are operating...etc.
  • Use burglary-resistant glazing material on showcases and windows with extra protection around windows and doors, such as metal gating that complements the rest of the store exterior.
  • Hire a security company to respond to all alarms.

Imagine If…
An adult couple with a small child enters a jewelry store. The adults split up and go to opposite ends of the store. Each ask sales staff to see a piece of jewelry. Suddenly, the child starts crying and the sales staff turned their attention to the child. While this distraction is happening, each adult places the item they were viewing into their pockets and leave quickly with the child.

Doing the right thing…
This incident was recognized, caught on camera and reported to law enforcement. The sales staff recorded all the information they could recall about the suspects including:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Hair color and style

“Prevent becoming a victim and mitigate loss:

  • Ask for ID when showing high-end merchandise
  • Show one item at a time
  • Assist one customer at a time
  • Do not leave customers or merchandise unattended
  • Note suspicious incidents in a logbook and share with staff
  • Examine each piece of jewelry after showing it to a customer
  • Be sure surveillance system is working properly to capture clear images

Reducing Jewelry Crime Takes All of Us

Join the growing number of supporters who are taking the pledge to Partner for Protection.

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