Crime Video Series

The Jewelry Crime Awareness Video Series – supported by Jewelers Mutual® Group – addresses the ongoing spike in crime against jewelry businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

In a five-part series, jewelry security experts and a veteran retail jeweler share their advice, real experiences, and actionable solutions to help jewelers increase security and safety for their businesses, staff, and customers amid rising crime.


  • Mark Smelzer – Jewelers Mutual Group


  • John Kennedy – Jewelers’ Security Alliance
  • Kelly Ross – Jewellers Vigilance Canada
  • Michael Richards – Underwood Jewelers

Episode 1: State of crime in the jewelry industry

Panelists discuss the current state of jewelry crime in the industry and offer advice and additional resources to help jewelers keep their businesses secure and their staff and customers safe.

Episode 2: Smash-and-grab robberies

Panelists discuss the devastating impact of smash-and-grab robberies and how to deter would-be robbers and how to respond during and after a robbery to keep themselves, their staff and customers safe.

Episode 3: Grab-and-run thefts

Panelists discuss the increase in grab-and-run thefts, and how to deter, identify and respond before, during, and after a robbery to stay safe.

Episode 4: Jewelry store burglaries

Panelists discuss the increase in jewelry store burglaries and how to prevent, identify and respond to mitigate losses and stay safe.

Episode 5: The emotional impact of crime

Panelists discuss the emotional impact of jewelry crime on jewelers and the resources available to cope.

Additional Resources

For more tips and tools like the Robbery Checklist and Suspicious Incident Logbook, check out our Safety and Security Education.